Jake - Adventure Time

I really have no idea what I wanna do. Should I go to school on colorado or Vermont??

My mom is so crazy and she thinks I don’t give her respect, but really I bite my tongue 99% of the time. So if I really told her half the things I felt she would really have a reason to be fucking mad

Can I ask what town you're from? Or like, if you're not comfortable telling me that, then maybe a town near you? I wanna plug it in to Google Maps and see if I live even vaguely nearby. I really want to go to this show )8

Yess I live in Morris county haha. Me too man :( my friend gave me her ticket for free & i wanna get use out of it!!

I got a ticket to see Rusko & mad people at Webster tomorrow but I have no one to go with. Someone come plz :(